Bosnia and Herzegovina has participated in the Mlovision Song Contest twice. They made their debut in 2015 which was hold in La Serena.

Participation Edit

2015 debut Edit

The country made their debut in 2015 with the song "Da ti K'o Covjek Oprostim" (translated from Bosnian to English as "To forgive you, like a man") by the Bosnian group Hari Mata Hari, which had previously participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, getting 36 points and placing 13th in a field of 16 entries.

2016 Edit

In 2016, Mlo chose the pop singer Maya Sar, who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, as the next entry for the country. The song "Naša Ljubav, Naša Kuća" (translated as "Our love, our home") got 50 points from the jury and 82 from Mlo, scoring 132 points and placing third.

Contestants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2015 Hari Mata Hari Bosnian "Da Ti K'o Covjek Oprostim" 13 36
2016 Maya Sar Bosnian "Naša Ljubav, Naša Kuća" 3 132