Estonia has participated in the Mlovision Song Contest three times: 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Participation Edit

2012 debut Edit

Estonia made their debut in the Mlovision Song Contest 2012 with the song "Kuula" by Ott Lepland, who represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest the same year. The song came 5th.

2013 Edit

The country took part in the 2013 edition, which only had 3 entries. The song chosen was "Päästke Noored Hinged" (translated as "Save the Young Souls") performed by Grete Paia. The song was picked up as the winner by Mlo at the end of the show.

Withdrawal Edit


Despite their victory, the country withdrew the next year, and so they did in 2015.

Return Edit

Estonia returned to the contest in 2016 with two entries: "Stories Untold" by previous winner Grete Paia, and "Hispaania Tüdruk" (translated as "Spanish Girl") by Indrek Ventmann. However, it was later revealed that "Stories Untold" was no longer able to take part in the competition due to unspecified reasons.

The remain entry, "Hispaania Tüdruk", was performed 5th at the night, and it got 11 points from the jury and 7 points from Mlo, getting a total score of 18 points, placing last.

Contestants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2012 Ott Lepland Estonian "Kuula" 5
2013 Grete Paia Estonian "Päästke Noored Hinged" 1
Did not participate from 2014 to 2015
2016 Grete Paia English "Stories Untold"
Indrek Ventmann Estonian "Hispania Tüdruk" 16 18