Finland has participated four times in the Mlovision Song Contest. They made their debut in 2011, winning the same year with the song "Amaranth" by symphonic metal Finnish band Nightwish.

Participation Edit

2011 debut Edit

Finland made their debut in the contest in 2011, when the band Nightwish performed "Amaranth" and was chosen as the winner of that year by Mlo.

Withdrawal Edit


The country withdrew and did not participate in the contest during the next two years.

Return Edit


Finland returned in 2014 with the Swedish singer Anette Olzon, who was the lead singer of metal symphonic band and previous winner, Nightwish. Her song, "Lies", was performed 7th at the night and scored 62 points, placing 7th in a field of 15 entries.


The next year, the country chose the alternative rock band Satin Circus with their song "Crossroads". They performed 15th and they got 68 points, finishing in 7th place.


In 2016, the pop singer Tuuli Okkonen was chosen by Mlo as the next entry to represent Finland. Her song, "Don't Wake Me Up", got 93 points from Mlo plus 38 points from the jury, giving her a total of 131 points, placing 4th.

Contestants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2011 Nightwish English "Amaranth" 1
Did not participate from 2012 to 2013
2014 Anette Olzon English "Lies" 7 62
2015 Satin Circus English "Crossroads" 7 68
2016 Tuuli Okkonen English "Don't Wake Me Up" 4 131
2017 Lauri Yrjölä Finnish "Helppo ëlämä" 7 129