Italy has participated in the Mlovision Song Contest four times. They made their debut in 2015 with two entries: "Guerriero" by Marco Mengoni and "Occhi Profondi" by Emma Marrone. In 2016, they sent two entries too.

Participation Edit

2015 debut Edit

In 2015, Mlo chose two entries from Italy: Italian singers Emma Marrone and Marco Mengoni, both had previously been in the Eurovision Song Contest. Their songs "Occhi Profondi" (translated as "Deep Eyes") by Marrone and "Guerriero" (translated as "Warrior") by Mengoni, were the songs chosen.

Mengoni performed 7th and scored 44 points and came 12th, while Marrone performed 14th and scored 62 points and was placed 8th in a field of 16 entries.

2016 Edit

Next year, two more entries were chosen for the Mlovision Song Contest. This time, both songs were from the Sanremo Music Festival. Italian singers Valerio Scanu and Annalisa Scarrone performed "Finalmente Piove" and "Una Finestra tra le Stelle" in the 12th and 14th positions, respectively.

Final results gave to Scanu 25 points from Mlo and only 1 point from jury, giving him a total of 26 points and placing the song 14th; while Scarrone got 120 points from Mlo and 62 points from Jury, scoring 182 points and placing first, giving the country their first victory.

"Una Finestra tra le Stelle" broke a new record of the highest amount of points for a first place in the Mlovision Song Contest history.

Participants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2015 Marco Mengoni Italian "Guerriero" 12 44
Emma Marrone Italian "Occhi Profondi" 8 62
2016 Valerio Scanu Italian "Finalmente Piove" 14 26
Annalisa Scarrone Italian "Una Finestra tra le Stelle" 1 182
2017 Alessio Bernabei Italian "Nel Mezzo di un Applauso" 13 34