Mlovision 2013

Date: 2013
Venue: La Serena, Chile Chile
Presenter(s): Petra Mede
Opening act: Loreen performing "Euphoria" (Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner and Mlovision Song Contest 2012 winner), "My Heart is Refusing Me" and "We've Got the Power"
Number of entries: 3
Voting system: The top three were announced by Mlo
Nul points: None
Winning song: Estonia "Päästke Noored Hinged" by Grete Paia
Best Artist: Estonia Grete Paia

The Mlovision Song Contest 2013 was the 6th edition of the annual Mlovision Song Contest to choose Mlo's favourite song of the year. The event was held in La Serena, Chile.

Competing entries Edit

In the list below, there are the three competing entries:

Country of Origin Artist Song (English Translation) Songwriter(s)
Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Birds" Tore Johansson, Martin Gjerstad, Anouk Teeuwe
Iceland Iceland Birgitta Haukdal "Open Your Heart" Sveinbjörn I. Baldvinsson, Birgitta Haukdal
Estonia Estonia Grete Paia "Päästke Noored Hinged" Sven Lõhmus

Results Edit

Three songs took part in this edition. The results were revealed at the end of the show by Mlo:

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place
01 Iceland Iceland Birgitta Haukdal "Open Your Heart" English 3
02 Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Birds" English 2
03 Estonia Estonia Grete Paia "Päästke Noored Hinged" Estonian 1

Best Artist Edit

The Shirley Manson Award is annually awarded by Mlo to choose the Best Artist in the competition since 2008. The prize was awarded before the realization of the contest.

The Estonian pop singer Grete Paia won the prize.

Category Country of Origin Song Performer(s) Composer(s)
Best Artist Estonia Estonia "Päästke Noored Hinged" Grete Paia Sven Lõhmus
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