Sweden has participated in the Mlovision Song Contest seven times. They made their debut in 2012 with the Eurovision Song Contest winning song "Euphoria" by Swedish singer Loreen. The song competed with other five songs and won.

Participation Edit

2012 debut Edit

In 2012, they made their debut in the contest with the Swedish singer Loreen with her song "Euphoria", which has been one of the most successful entries in the Eurovision Song Contest history. The song competed with other five entries and won the first place.

"Euphoria" received critical acclaim from most music critics. Commercially, the song was an instant success both in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. It debuted at number twelve in Loreen's home country Sweden, until reaching number one, staying there for six weeks. The song has been certified 10 times Platinum, selling 400,000 copies there.

2013 withdrawal Edit

Despite the success previous year, they withdrew from the contest next year and did not return until 2015.

2015 return Edit

In 2015, the country returned to the contest with two entries: "Don't Stop Believing" by Mariette Hansson and "Nobody Knows" by Darin. Both songs competed with another 14 more entries. Darin performed first and Hansson performed tenth. At the end of the show, Hansson received 72 points by Mlo and came 6th place, while Darin received only 11 points and finished last place.

2016 Edit

In 2016, four entries were selected by Mlo to compete in the Mlovision Song Contest. All songs were picked up from the Melodifestivalen 2016, held in Sweden every year to choose their next entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Entries chosen were: "Youniverse" by Swedish singer Molly Sandén, "Put Your love on Me" by Congolese-born Swedish singer Boris René, "Bada Nakna" (translated as Swim naked) by Swedish duo Samir & Viktor, and "Rollercoaster" by female group Dolly Style.

The final results for all four contestants is listed below:

Draw Singer Song Jury pts Mlo pts Total pts Final place
1 Molly Sandén "Youniverse" 24 46 70 11th
2 Boris René "Put Your love on Me" 31 72 103 9th
10 Samir & Viktor "Bada Nakna" 14 31 45 13th
13 Dolly Style "Rollercoaster 19 35 54 12th

However, days prior to the event, there were 5 songs from Sweden to compete in Mlovision Song Contest, including "Save Me" by Swedish singer Wiktoria (who also took part in Melodifestivalen 2016), but later was revealed that it would not be able to participate (with other two more entries from Spain and Estonia) for unspecified reasons.

Contestants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2012 Loreen English "Euphoria" 1
Did not participate from 2013 to 2014
2015 Mariette Hansson English "Don't Stop Believing" 6 72
Darin English "Nobody Knows" 16 11
2016 Molly Sandén English "Youniverse" 11 70
Boris René English "Put Your Love on Me" 9 103
Samir & Viktor Swedish "Bada Nakna" 13 45
Dolly Style English "Rollercoaster 12 54
Wiktoria English "Save Me
2017 Måns Zelmerlöw English "Glorious" 2 227
Loreen English "Statements" 8 102
Alice Svensson English "Running with Lions" 5 181
Adrijana Krasniqi Swedish "Amare" 11 83