Switzerland has participated in the Mlovision Song Contest only in 2015 with two entries.

Participation Edit

2015 debut Edit

In 2015, the country made their debut with the song "Elephant" by Swiss singer Elias Bertini, who competed in the Swiss preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (ESC 2016 – Die Entscheidungsshow) and Swiss-Mauritian singer Mélanie René with the song "Time to Shine", which was the selected entry to represented their country in the European music contest that year.

René performed in the third position, while Bertini did it in thirteenth place. At the end of the show, "Time to Shine" got 28 points and placed 14th and "Elephant" obtained 60 points and came 9th in a field of 16 entries.

2016 withdrawal Edit

In 2016, they had no more entries to compete so, they withdrew from the competition.

Contestants Edit

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2015 Mélanie René English "Time to Shine" 14 28
Elias Bertini English "Elephant" 9 60